Button Heel Device

MediHeel is an innovative quality product brought to you by MediCore. The team at MediCore has developed a single-use button activated safety heel stick designed specifically with infants in mind. The device offers a gentle and safe blood sampling device for newborns, infants and babies.

MediHeel is always encased. Each device is deactivated after use and cannot be reused, therefore eliminating risks of cross contamination.


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Part ColorDescriptionDepth Packaging
2003WhiteButton Heel Device, Micro-Preemie.65mm50 bx / 500 cs
2004YellowButton Heel Device, Preemie.85mm50 bx / 500 cs
2005PinkButton Heel Device, Newborn1.0mm50 bx / 500 cs
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MediHeel Button Heel Instructional Video

A quick, 1-2-3 step process in the proper use of our MediHeel Button Heel Device.