MediHeel Contact Activated

MediHeel™ is an innovative quality product brought to you by MediCore. The team at MediCore has developed a single-use contact activated safety heel stick designed specifically with infants in mind. The device incorporates the world’s first “usage indicator” and offers a gentle and safe blood sampling device for newborns, infants and babies.


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PartColorDescriptionDepth (mm) 
1003WhiteContact Heel Device, Micro-Preemie.65mm50 / 500 cs
1004YellowContact Heel Device, Preemie.85mm50 / 500 cs
1005PinkContact Heel Device, Newborn1.0mm50 / 500 cs
1006BlueContact Heel Device, Infant1.5mm50 / 500 cs
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MediHeel Contact Activated Heel Device Instructional Video

A quick, 1-2-3 step process in the proper use of our MediHeel Contact Activated Heel Device.