ReadyLance Safety Lancets

Includes 100 Lancets.

ReadyLance Safety Lancets provide a simpler way to test your blood-sugar.  Each device is preloaded.  Simply twist-off the cap and apply pressure.  Device will activate gently against the test site to generate just the right amount of blood. No loading, unloading, depth setting or any other annoying aspects of traditional lancets and devices.

Needle is concealed before and after use.  Using ReadyLance eliminates the need to handle exposed needles which makes ReadyLance the perfect choice for individuals with poor dexterity, children, or anyone that wants to eliminate the risk of being accidentally stuck by a needle.

ReadyLance is available in 8 different sizes.

For insurance reimbursement questions, please contact your insurance provider and reference HCPC code A4259.  Please note that MediCore cannot bill your insurance directly.


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Part #ColorDescriptionDepthPackaging
801Light BlueSafety Lancet, 30G1.0mm100 per box
802PurpleSafety Lancet, 30G1.6mm100 per box
803OrangeSafety Lancet, 28G1.8mm100 per box
804YellowSafety Lancet, 26G1.8mm100 per box
805BlueSafety Lancet, 23G1.8mm100 per box
806GreenSafety Lancet, 21G2.2mm100 per box
807PinkSafety Blade, 18G2.0mm100 per box
808GraySafety Lancet, 21G2.8mm100 per box
809BeigeSafety Lancet, 21G3.0mm100 per box
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ReadyLance Instructional Video

A quick, 1-2-3 step process in the proper use of our ReadyLance Safety Lancet.