Sick of IV Restarts? Now there’s a Fix!

SafeBreak Vascular reduces the number of complications requiring peripheral IV restarts by separating when a harmful force is placed on an IV line. When SafeBreak intentionally separates, it has valves that seal both sides of the line, preventing the leaking of medication or blood from the IV tubing. Examples of SafeBreak installed in an IV line, a force being applied to the line, and SafeBreak separating to remove the harmful force and prevent spills from the line are shown below.

Benefits Of Using SafeBreak In Hospitals

SafeBreak is easily installed into any peripheral IV line. The video to the right shows the installation, and how SafeBreak separates to prevent IV restarts. When SafeBreak separates to save a line, it causes an alarm on the IV pump to sound. A nurse is able to remove and throw away the separated SafeBreak. A new, sterile SafeBreak can be installed in the line in only five minutes.(2) The patient’s infusion can be resumed without the need to clean up any spills, reorder medicine, spend money on new IV supplies, and most importantly to the patient, no additional needle stick required!

  • Reduce expenses on IV supplies and wasted medications
  • Improve patient’s hospital experience
  • Provide overworked and stressed nursing staffs with a tool that improves their job and frees up time

Learn more about SafeBreak Vascular HERE.

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